Game News -15 | Epic Free Game, PS5 Ads, New game Borderland 2, Witcher 3, Outriders @Draculasaurus

Game News

– Epic Weekly Free Game are here Claim the new game before next Thursday.

– There is huge sale on AAA title game Witcher 3 .

– Tales of the Borderland 2 will be release later this year.

– Sony is planning to show advertisements on it’s free-to-play games , to support the gamers by monetizing.

– OUTRIDER’S new DLC “OUTRIDERS WORLDSLAYER UPGRADE” will be released on June 30. Pre purchase is available on Steam.

Time Stamp :
00:00 Epic weekly free game
00:17 Witcher 3 Offer – 80% off
00:28 Outriders’ new DLC – worldslayer upgrade
00:46 PlayStation will put ads on free to paly…